how to excel in exams

Five Tips that can Help Students to effectively Recall what they Study

It can be utterly frustrating to spend several hours studying only to enter the exam hall and not be able to remember one thing you have studied. This is a situation many students (especially teenagers) find themselves in. the experience can be similar to having your memory completely blocked off even as you wonder what [...]

Characteristics of Brilliant Students every Teen should imitate

Have you ever wondered why there are certain students in your class who are just super intelligent, making all the good grades whereas you don’t? Perhaps you have been asked by your daddy whether the girl that made the best result in your class last term had two heads. Chances are that you have even [...]

These Amazing Quotes Should Inspire Every Teenager To Study Daily!

Everyone knows that teenagers hate to study. I mean come on…the boys just want to play their video games while the girls would rather just read up BellaNaija and be great! Better still, every teen would rather just hang out with their friends in person or via Social Media. But of course not; they have [...]