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Personal Hygiene

Indeed, health is wealth and to keep up with a good health, it is important to observe a good personal hygiene from the get-go. Personal hygiene in a sense involves taking practical steps to keep oneself and one’s environment clean. When young person’s makeup with unkempt hair, body odour, bad breath, dirty nails, dirty clothes [...]

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13 Health Tips For Teens By World-Famous Dr Mehmet Oz

1. They don't have to be all at once. Make it a point to be active and get your body moving. Setting a tangible goal - like 10,000 steps a day - is a great way to start if you're not already active. 2. Find a friend who you're comfortable talking with about healthy habits. [...]

Dettol Resumes Hand Hygiene Campaign in Schools (Photos)

Ikeja, Lagos - In furtherance of effort to promote healthier lifestyle and reduce pupils' absenteeism from school due to sickness, Dettol has resumed it's Hand Washing campaign to schools to create awareness of the benefits of hand hygiene. School visiting is a core component of Dettol's School Hygiene Programme (SHP) initiative which is targeted at inculcating [...]

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