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15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Opinions on Work Ethic and Passion

In continuation of our series on entrepreneurship, we will be looking at what these ones have to say on work and passion. They are successful not only in terms of wealth, but also how they enrich the world through their businesses - contributing their fair share to the advancement of mankind. Some you know, and [...]

Get To Know About Leaders That Are Changing the World: Case Study of Mark Zuckerberg

Recently, I came across a striking statement from a Leadership Expert, John C. Maxwell, he said, “Just as Change is a constant phenomenon so also is Leadership, and as such, everything rises and falls on Leadership”. It struck me primarily because I’m a Leader and as it appears, in my sphere of influence, everything rises [...]

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Soon, You Will Be Able to ”React” on Facebook

A sneak peek of what the reactions look like Facebook users will be able to express a fuller range of emotions online with a set of new expressions and animated emojis, but it is only available for users in Ireland and Spain at the moment. There's a throbbing heart for Love, a fuming [...]

Facebook to finally launch a dislike button

Facebook is to finally launch one of its most requested features - a dislike button. The social network has previously ruled out adding the feature. However, Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that the firm has changed its mind - and is already working on it. 'I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. [...]

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#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): If You Are Above 12, It’s Too Late Already!

I recently started meditating on a particularly popular story of a world-renowned successful man. He grew up in a particularly interesting culture where they are trained and brought up to be successful. Theirs is such an interesting and effective method that today they are regarded as the most successful ethnic group on earth. They aren't [...]

Facebook to start charging N500/month? It’s nonsense!

Will Facebook start charging you to access the world’s most popular social network? Of course not. But that isn’t stopping thousands of Facebook addicts from feverishly sharing a link to what they believe is a news report claiming that from November 1st you’ll be paying 490.45 every month. If you click through on the link you [...]

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VIDEO: Don Jazzy becomes the latest celebrity to take part in the ‘ice bucket challenge’

So the viral ALS Challenge which started in the US with top technology billionaires and CEOs from Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin to Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos and Apple CEO, Tim Cook has hit Nigeria. The idea was started to create awareness for a disease called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and [...]

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Facebook launches app to bring free internet to users

Facebook's quest to bring internet access to the entire planet has seen the company launch a new app that will allow users in Africa to access key services without any data charges. As part of the social network giant's Internet.org initiative, which has the overall goal of getting the world's entire population online, the Mark [...]

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