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4 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp During Exams

Your brain is your most prized possession since it is the seat of learning and memory. It is important for all task, great or small - even the seemingly simple act of recognising words -, and more importantly so during examinations when you need it to bring back to your mind important details. In keeping [...]

How to Improve Your Memory in 4 Seconds!!

Has it ever occurred to you that you wanted to say something - but were held up or distracted momentarily - and when you resumed speaking, you just couldn't remember what it was you wanted to say? At this moment, you try to go back to that line of thought all to no avail. Well, [...]

How to Improve Your Memory While Studying

To remember something new, it must be clearly impressed in the brain. It requires time and effort to learn new concepts. To imprint new information into the brain, it’s important to schedule periodic study sessions and constantly review information in your mind. Here are some general principles of memory improvement: 1. Attention (Concentration) It requires [...]

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How a nap of just 45 minutes can boost your memory five-fold

A power nap of just 45 minutes can boost memory by five times, research has found. A short doze helps you to retain information you have learned and 'significantly' improves recall, scientists said – meaning naps really could help students revising for exams. Participants in the study learned 90 single words and 120 unconnected word [...]

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