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Numa Pompilius

SEPTEMBER – The Tale Of a Month Bumped From the Seventh Position To the Ninth

Yay! It's September, and nothing reminds us of the year coming to an end - and all the festivities involved! - than the first of the ember months. But how did September, named for the seventh month of the Roman calendar come to be the ninth month  in our modern calendar, the Gregorian calendar?  From [...]

What No One Ever Told You About APRIL, the Fourth Month

Did you notice that today is the fourth day of the fourth month? So, what do you know about April, the first month of the second quarter of the year? Below are some things no one ever told you about the beautiful April. And the Month Was Named APRIL! The origin of this name lies [...]

Interesting Facts About FEBRUARY, the Second Month

It is the second day of the second month, how quaint! Knowing more about this month - which has the shortest number of days, has an extra day almost every four years, and has a love holiday celebrated on one of its days - is definitely in order. Do brace yourself as we regale you [...]