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The Interesting Stories of Babies Born On Airplane Flights and Other Matters

In 1990, a heavily pregnant Debbie Owen, accompanied by four-year-old daughter Claire, was flying from Ghana where she worked to London on a British Airways flight. Unexpectedly, she went into labour and was quickly moved into first class which was cleared of passengers. It was her good fortune that Dutch doctor, Wym Bakker, was also [...]

The 7 Wonders of the Ocean No One Told You About

If I told you to give a list of the world's oceans, I am pretty certain you would say Atlantic, Indian, Pacific......yet, you wouldn't be all wrong. But for the main fact that these oceans are connected, they are in real fact just one large ocean. Check out more facts below as provided by about.com 1. [...]

MARIANA TRENCH: The Deepest Part of the Ocean

The ocean ranges in depth from 0 to more than 36,000 feet deep (about 11km). The average depth of the ocean is about 12,100 feet, which is more than 3km!  The deepest known point in the ocean is more than 11km below the ocean surface. What Is the Deepest Part of the Ocean? The ocean's [...]