School Management offers Four lucky Students Scholarship to the tune of 3 million naira

 The Mind Builders School, a secondary school based in Lagos, has awarded scholarship worth up to three million naira to four of its newly admitted students. The kind gesture by the school’s management is aimed at covering part of the new students tuition fees. This is a follow up to an earlier scholarship scheme by the […]

Helping Teens find their Purposes in life: What Parents and teachers must do

Every human being on earth has a purpose for being here. Unfortunately, many fail to discover and accomplish their purposes mainly because they were not properly guided towards this light. It is the responsibilities of parents and teachers to help guide teenagers aright towards identifying what their purposes are and accomplishing such. But […]

The major Differences between British and American English every Teen should know

To some people, English language is English language. But to those who know, there are major differences between the many variants of English language; precisely the differences between British and American English. Unfortunately, many Nigerians (who are supposed to be British English speakers by the way) very often make the mistake of confusing […]

Important things every Parent must teach their teens

Parenting is beyond conceiving babies, birthing them and providing them with the best care they could have. For inasmuch as those things are good, it is not enough. Instead, it is the responsibility of parents to always make sure that they are raising very good children who will one day become model citizens […]

Are you Dyslexic? These Tips should help you

Being dyslexic can be such a challenge, both for the student and for teachers. This is because not only will a dyslexic student struggle with reading and understanding school work, the teachers themselves will also have troubles teaching such a student. There is also the possibility of such student being bullied by other […]

Effective Teaching Practices every Teacher should embrace

Good teachers always look out for new ways to be innovative and become better teachers.  This because to become a better teacher, it is essential to continually try new in the classroom. One of the best ways to be innovative is go on trainings, research, read peer reviews and keep abreast with what […]

Teens! Organize your 2017 Study Plans Using these Important Tips

2017 began some twenty days ago, and I will not be surprised that since then many students are yet to organize their study plans. As a matter of fact, some do not even know what a study plan is much less how to organize such. So let me briefly explain what a study […]

A Look at why most Parents Desire Private School Education for their Teens

In Nigeria and indeed the world over, most parents prefer to send their children to Private Schools as against Public Schools. And there is one simple explanation for this- Private Schools are usually better. Let’s face the truth- Private Schools are owned by private individuals who must do everything possible to satisfy their […]

Useful Advice to every 2017 JAMBITE

Let us face the truth for a minute; shall we? It is every teenager’s dream to attend a tertiary institution. But then going to the university can be quite a big challenge; in spite of the excitement. It is probably the first time you are leaving your family behind and going to a […]

How can Teachers Build Solid Relationships with their Students?

It is very important for teachers to have positive and solid relationships with their students because that is one of the surest ways to ensure that the actual teaching and learning process really takes place. Observe a teacher who is beloved by his/her students and you will see how well the students will perform in […]

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