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ALHAMBRA: The Beautiful Palace Fortress That Made a King Cry

As the last Moorish King of Granada, Sultan Mohammed and his family went into exile, forced into this situation by the advancing army of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabel of Castile who were on a quest to reclaim Spanish land from the Moors - North African Muslims of Berber and Arabian descent. Legend has it [...]

“Be DELIBERATE When You DELIBERATE”…Do You Know Your Homonyms?

How did you read the words in quote in the headline? Perhaps, you thought the author made an error in typing? No, it's not an error, but what is called homonyms in English language. Care to have more details as provided by about.com? What Are Hononyms? The word homonym was derived from Greek and means [...]

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5 Steady Steps To Overcoming the Fear of Falling in Love

Choosing to fall in love is essentially saying that you are ready to get your heart broken again. You can’t be all in with someone and not take that risk. Falling in love is vulnerable and that is unavoidable. Consider some of these gems of advice.   1. You Have To Want Love More Than [...]