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If One Screams High Enough, Will One Really Shatter Glass? Science Explains It All

Have you ever heard someone say about a particular singer "She's got a voice that can break glass"? Or that if you scream in a high-pitched voice long enough in front of a mirror, it will crack? According an explanation by BBC Future, this is actually possible because of a phenomenon known as resonance. When sound [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Physics}: Energy of Simple Harmonic Motion

Introduction Kinetic energy is the energy one possesses due to motion. When a pendulum bob swings, it experiences a movement of displacement. The change in position as a result of little application of force, causing motion called kinetic energy. Kinetic energy (K.E) = ½ MV2                                     = ½ MW2 [r2 – y2] Given mass M, [...]