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Secondary School Notes

Classwork Series and Exercises {Economics – SS2}: Wage Determination

Economics, SS2, Week 4 Topic: Wage Determination Content  Meaning of Wage determination Factors of Wage determination Meaning of Wage Determination A "wage determination" is the listing of wage rates and fringe benefit rates for each classification of laborers and mechanics which the Administrator of Labor has determined to be prevailing in a given area for [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Economics – SS2}: Deflation

Economics, SS 2, Week 8 Topic: Deflation Content: Meaning of deflation Causes of deflation Effects of deflation Control of deflation Meaning of Deflation It is a general decline in prices, often caused by a reduction in the supply of money or credit. It is defined as the continuous or persistent fall in the price level [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Literature – SS1}: Sources of Literature

Literature in English, SS 1, Week 2 Topic: Sources of Literature Literature are sourced from the following: Folktale:Folktale is traditional stories that take their roots from culture of a particular group of people.It consists of folk heroes who are admired by people in a particular society and society at large. Folk dance: Folk dance is [...]

Physical Health Education – Posture

Physical Health Education, JSS 3 Topic: Posture Contents Meaning of Posture Good Posture Importance of good posture Bad Posturing Factors that contribute to bad posture How to sit properly How to stand properly How to lay properly Advantages of good posture Meaning of Posture Posture is simply a position of a person's body when standing [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Commerce – SS2}: Law of Agency

Commerce, SS 2, Week 4 Topic: Law of Agency Contents: Definition of Agency Definition of Agent Types of Agents Duties of an agent A. Definition of Agency Agency can be defined as a legal relationship that exist between two parties, where one called an agent employed by a one called the principal to bring the [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises { Business Studies – JSS2}: National Pension Scheme

Business Studies, JSS 2, Week 1 Topic: National Pension Scheme Contents: Meaning of pension The National pension scheme Objectives of the new contributory pension scheme Advantages and disadvantages of the new contributory pension scheme Meaning of Pension Pension can be defined as a sum of money paid regularly to a person who no longer works [...]

Classwork Series And Exercises {Economics – SS2}: Distributive Trade

Economics, SS2, Week 1 Topic - Distributive Trade Contents Meaning of distributive Process of distribution Meaning of Distributive Trade Distributive trade is defined as the totality of all forms of trade activities, from the procurement of goods from the manufacturer, to delivery these goods to the consumers. It includes wholesale and intermediation trade, retail and [...]

Better Grades? This Is How To Get Straight A’s With Ease

We know you love to use your smartphone/tablet/computer a lot. That's fine. I do too. I'm not so sure if I would be comfortable without having my phone around for a long time. But the question is, what are you using your internet data for? Let me guess... priorities on your list, perhaps, include: Facebook, [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Geography – SS1}: Latitude and Longitude

Latitude Latitude is the angular distance of a point on the earth’s surface, measured in degree from centre of the earth. Latitude (00), called equator, divides the earth into two equals- the Northern and Southern hemisphere. All other latitudes are parallel to the equator and to each other; hence, the latitudes are also called parallels [...]