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Better Grades? This Is How To Get Straight A’s With Ease

We know you love to use your smartphone/tablet/computer a lot. That’s fine. I do too. I’m not so sure if I would be comfortable without having my phone around for a long time. But the question is, what are you using your internet data for? Let me guess… priorities on your list, perhaps, include: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, 2go… All these are cool. They are what most of us exhaust our internet data on. However, how about using your mobile phone/tablet/computer in a more rewarding way? Great, huh? Now let me tell you how to turn your devices into a mobile classroom.

You’ve probably heard about In case you haven’t, I will tell you. is a social interaction website that supports learning by providing curriculum-based test preparation materials to Secondary School Students, Teenagers and Teachers at no cost. Let me break that down… is an online Education platform where secondary school students and teachers get daily up-to-date School Classwork Notes, Exercises and Tests on all topics of all subjects from JSS 1 – SS 3 FREE of Charge! In fact, that’s not all. There are also hundreds of past questions of major Nigerian secondary school exams which include WAEC, NECO, JSSCE and JAMB. And the best part is, all these are for free!

Features on

Exam Support – This part of the website offers a wide range of JSSCE, WAEC, NECO and Jamb past questions for students preparing for any of the exams.

Classwork Support – This is the main deal. This section gives you a hands-on access to subject materials which are similar to the ones you get from school. The notes found here are based on up-to-date Nigerian Education Curriculum and they cover all topics in the range of core subjects being taught in secondary school.

Best qualified teachers have been involved in putting these notes together in the simplest form that you will easily understand. Each topic comes with practice test questions in the end so you can easily evaluate yourself and find out how much you’ve learnt. The notes are continually being reviewed, so you can be sure of their relevance at all times.

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School Forum – Have you got that assignment that’s giving you some headache? Is there something you’d want to talk about? Or are you just trying to get some info? This is the right place for you.

Chat room – Make friends, hook-up with students from other schools, connect with teachers and counsellors, have fun!

E-Counselling – What is that issue you’d want an expert advice on? What’s that thing you’re too shy or afraid to discuss with your parents/teachers? We have a team of experts ranging from Career to Relationship to Finance to Academics to Health to Religion… They are always ready to help you deal with ANY issue that may be bordering you.

Now tell me, what more can be better than being able to access school related information quickly, including school notes, get help on assignments, and loads of past questions without you having to pay a dime? I bet you can’t think of any.

Talking about class work, you don’t necessarily have to be limited in anyway. Recent happenings, sadly though, have indicated that some of our teachers are not up to standard. Some of them don’t even revise their work notes for years!

With technology in education however, this aspect of teachers’ incompetence is being taken care of. Smart students are no longer limited to the four walls of their schools as they are constantly learning through their mobile phones/tablets/computers. Won’t you rather join the league of the Smarties?

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