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7 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Sweating

I used to be really self-conscious about sweating and thought that I sweat way more than every other person on the planet. I was wrong though because everyone sweats and only a few people sweat an abnormal amount. But it’s easy to be critical of yourself and think that everyone is noticing your boob sweat. [...]

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Show Me Your Blood, Earwax and Sweat; and I Will Tell You Who You Are!

According to a recent BBC Future article, your body fluids - not only your blood, but also your tears, sweat and earwax - can reveal clues about your health, and more. They can also reveal the hidden workings of your body than was once realised! Blood It is possible to detect just about everything that [...]

Don’t Ever Pee In the Pool! It Can Kill You!!

Almost everyone is guilty of it, at least once. You are having a fun day, splashing about in the pool and then oops! your bladder tells you you have to go now. Instead of painfully holding it in, swimming across the length of the pool, and running like a headless chicken to the bathroom. You [...]