Grammar Clinic: Letter Writing (Formal Letter)

A formal letter is an official letter. It is a letter written for official reason. A formal letter is written for different purposes which are.

Make a complaint
Request something
Make an inquiry
Apply for a Job
Formal Invitation

When writing a Formal letter, there are strict rules you must follow which are

You should be mindful […]

Grammar Clinic: The REAL Difference Between Formal And Informal Letter

The purpose of this lesson is to differentiate between Formal and Informal letter. There are some significant differences between formal and informal letter that should not be overlooked. Many students do not really know these differences. Here is an opportunity for you to learn, know and understand these differences.

Differences between Formal and […]

Grammar Clinic: Letter Writing (Informal Letter)

An Informal letter is a personal letter written to someone we are familiar with. An informal letter can be written for any reason or purpose. An informal letter is also called personal letter, the recipient could be your friend, sibling or other family member.

An Informal letter is just a written means […]

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