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Third Term

JSS1 English Language Third Term: Poetry and Verb

Content Self Assessment Poetry- Policeman Grammar- Verb Self Assessment It is a good idea sometimes to think about how effective you are at learning- both in English and in other subjects. Consider the five key questions below. If you answer yes to any of them, think about how you can solve  the problem. Sometimes, you [...]

JSS1 Agricultural Science Third Term: Uses of Organic Compounds In Agriculture

Topic: Uses of Organic Compounds in Agriculture Content: Meaning of Organic compounds Uses of Organic Compounds  Meaning of Organic Compounds Organic compounds are natural molecular combinations that have been created as a result of organism growth and decomposition. This should not be confused with non organic elements like water and minerals, which are natural but not [...]

SS2 Biology Third Term: Aquatic Habitat

Topic: Aquatic Habitat Introduction Aquatic habitat is a body of water in which certain organisms live naturally. In other words, aquatic habitats are habitats or places that relates to lives in water. Organisms that live in water are called aquatic organisms. Examples of aquatic organisms are fish, crabs, toads, plants etc. Types of Aquatic Habitats [...]

JSS1 Social Studies Third Term: Friendship

Topic: Friendship Contents: Meaning of friendship Factors that determine choice of friends Qualities and behaviors that enhance friendship Factors that could destroy friendship Meaning of Friendship Friendship is a state of being emotionally attached to another person, resulting from feelings of affection. It is also a warm and intimate relationship with someone you like and trust. [...]

SS3 Mathematics Revision: Integration and Evaluation Simple Algebraic Functions

What is Algebraic Function? In mathematics, an algebraic function is a function that can be defined as the root of a polynomial equation. Quite often algebraic functions can be expressed using a finite number of terms, involving only the algebraic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and raising to a fractional power. Examples of such functions are: Some [...]

JSS2 Agricultural Science Third Term: Crop Plant Diseases

Topic: Crop Plant Diseases Generally disease can be defined as an infection or unfavourable condition caused by living organisms (pathogens) or non-living things expressed in characteristic conditions known as symptoms and harmful to the organism or its parts or it may simply reduce the market value. Plant Disease A plant disease may be defined as [...]

JSS2 English Language Third Term: Tenses and Determiners

Grammar: Past, Present and Future Tense Language Structure: Determiners Tenses Tenses are forms of a verb that show the time, continuance or completion of an action or a state that is expressed in connection with the moment at which a statement is made about it. The following tenses are commonly used: I. PRESENT TENSE Simple [...]

JSS2 Civic Education Third Term: Supremacy of the Constitution

Topic: Supremacy of Constitution Constitution can be defined as a book of law, a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organisation is acknowledged to be governed. Constitutions, whether written or unwritten, typically function as an evolving body of legal custom and opinion. Constitution can be defined as a [...]

SS3 Civic Education: Revision – Democracy

Topic: Democracy Content Meaning and Characteristics of Democracy Types of Democracy Importance of Democracy Problems of Democracy Meaning of Democracy According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is the system of government in which people exercise their political power through periodic election of [...]

SS2 Physics Third Term: LENSES

Topic: LENSES The reflection and refraction we have dealt with so far have focused only on light interacting with flat surfaces. Lenses and curved mirrors are optical instruments designed to focus light in predictable ways. While light striking a curved surface is more complicated than the flat surfaces we have looked at already, the principle [...]

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