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Every year, it seems increasingly difficult to predict what tomorrow’s workplace will look like. With the advent of each new technology—like AI, automation, VR/AR, and nanotechnology—comes economic shifts that demand different skills from employees and creates new challenges for both employers and educators. Working in tech and media for the past 20 years, I’ve seen some of [...]

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Meet The Nigerian Teen Entrepreneurs Who Want To Forever Change The Way You Watch TV

Meet Richard Ogundiya and Tolu Yussuff, two 19 year-old entrepreneurs whose company, Jangilova, is set to change the way you watch TV and entertain yourself. Richard is a 300-level student of the University of Lagos, while Tolu is a student of the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) Lagos. Their proposed service will connect people to [...]

Teenager Dies After Playing Video Games for 22 Days Straight!

A 17-year-old boy died after reportedly playing an online computer game for 22 days straight. The teenager had broken his leg and was bored at home, using video games to pass the time. The teen, known as Rustam, only stopped playing "Defence of the Ancients"  when he had to sleep and eat, and must have [...]

Fall Out 4: Quick Facts Before You Start Playing

1. Fallout 4 is the sequel to Fallout 3 released in 2008 2. In Fallout 4, players get a glimpse of the world moments before it ends 3. But the fun starts right after the world ends 4. Though it's a cruel world after the world ends, friends like Dogmeat and other companions will help [...]