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Scared of Raising Your Hand in Class? Here’s How to Boost Your Self Confidence

How many times have you kept quiet when you knew the answer to a question? Then how did it feel when somebody else answered with the right answer and received praise? It's not unusual to avoid answering questions in front of others because you are too shy or too afraid of being wrong. It might [...]

Am I Dumb If I Am Not Doing Well In School?

SMART The answer to the above posed question is a hefty No! In as much as you have a functional brain, then you can learn the things you need to function well in society. The problem here could be that the learning style employed at school does not fit you best, your own [...]

Do Big Boys Cry?

The teacher walks into a noisy class, some are sitting on the desks chatting, while another set is listening to the latest song by Patoranking, nodding their heads and talking about how dope it is. And you? You are simply being a good student, trying to catch up on your school work. The teacher observes [...]