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Classwork Series {Geography – SS3}: Lumbering

 Geography, SS 3, Week 3 Topic: Lumbering Content: Definition of Lumbering Favourable factors for lumbering Methods of lumbering Economic Importance of lumbering Problems and solution of lumbering Definition of Lumbering: It is  defined as the felling of economic trees in the forest, which can be used in domestic, industrial or commerce purpose. Favourable factors for [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Technology – JSS1}: Uses of Material – Wood and Metals

Basic Technology JSS1 Week 3 Topic: Uses of Materials - Wood and Metals Wood Wood is a highly versatile material and has a long history of use. Despite the availability of alternative materials, wood remains preferred choice when it comes to variety of things and applications. Here are some uses of wood: Furniture and flooring: [...]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Basic Technology- JSS2): Materials and their common uses

Uses of Wood Wood can be used in the following ways: Housing: The doors, windows and roofing of our houses. Industrial Building: Many industries are constructed with wood, or they have wooden parts. Joinery: The stair case in our homes. Packaging: Crates, pallets, packing and cases, etc. Furniture: Chairs, beds, wardrobes, tables, bookcases. Transport: Railway [...]