The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP): It  is Nigeria’s multidisciplinary Agency created to tackle the scourge of human trafficking.

The Following are the functions of NAPTIP

  1.   To coordinate of all laws on trafficking in persons and related offences; the law prescribed ten years imprisonment for trafficking of children and forced begging or hawking and ten years of life imprisonment for sexual enslavement. etc.
  2. To adopt measures to increase the effectiveness of eradication of trafficking in persons;
  3. To adopt witness protection measures;
  4. To enhance effectiveness of law enforcement agents to suppress traffic in persons;
  5. To establish proper communication channels, conduct research and work on improving   international cooperation in the suppression of traffic in persons; by land, sea and air;
  6. To reinforce and supplement measures in bilateral and multilateral treaties and conventions       on traffic in persons;
  7. To work in collaboration with other agencies or bodies that may ensure elimination and prevention of the root causes of the problem of traffic in any person;
  8. To strengthen and enhance effective legal means for international cooperation in criminal            matters for suppressing the international activities of traffic in person;
  9. To strengthen cooperation between the Attorney-General of the Federation, Nigeria Police,       Nigeria Immigration Services, Nigeria Customs Services, Nigeria Prison Services, Welfare       Officials and all other agencies in the eradication of traffic in person;
  10. To take charge, supervise, control and coordinate the rehabilitation of trafficked person
  11. They coordinate law enforcement, protection and preventive initiatives of the various levels of Government and Non Governmental Organisations working in this area.
  12. They help to suppress human trafficking
  13. They prosecute its perpetrators and offer a range of protection services to victims of the crime, including temporary sheltering, counselling, rehabilitation, reintegration and access to justice.