Right early on in life, we get told how very necessary it is for us to always keep our nails clean. And what better way to keep the nails clean than to trim them, right? Trimming the nails help to prevent dirt from getting collected in them, said dirt which is then unknowing transferred to the mouth when we  eat eba as we are so accustomed to eating it. Yet, despite how important it is for us to trim our nails and even though it is quite an easy thing to do, we find ourselves either unable to do it or doing it the wrong way. Take for instance, we all are guilty (or have been guilty at some point or the other) of biting our nails off. It is almost an involuntary act, one which is understandable, yet avoidable especially with consistent effort.

Moving on, most people who try to trim their nails by themselves often do it the wrong way. This ultimately discourages them, either making them leave their nails overgrown and untidy, or worst still they resort to biting them off. You all know what I am talking about- razor blade wounds to the fingers while cutting them nails, especially while you are trying to cut the right fingers with the left hand. Not a lot of people use nail files in this country, and not a lot of people can afford to have manicure/pedicure appointments at some posh salons. Giving your finger nails [and toe nails] to the mallam in your street can also be just as dangerous, especially when considering the likelihood of infection. Therefore in the face of all of these, the question is- how can you safely cut your nails? Well then let me give you a few tips below-

  1. Never ever cut your nails by biting them off! It is utterly unsanitary and doesn’t speak well of your manners.
  2. If possible, do not cut your finger nails with extremely sharp objects such as razor blade.
  3. If you can afford it, get someone to take care of your nails for you. It could be a manicurist or your sibling…
  4. Make sure that any object (such as blades and scissors) being used for your nails are sterilized if used publicly. Otherwise, use it all by yourself.
  5. Under no circumstances should you  leave your nails unattended to.
  6. You can also safely trim your own nails by getting yourself a nail filer. You need that, and it is not even expensive!