Teacher Dyes Hair Pink in Bet With Students

When David Robinson tried to brainstorm a way to get his high school students more involved in the school’s annual fall festival, he very likely did not think it would end with his hair and beard dyed a very bright shade of pink.

That is, however, exactly what happened to the 62-year-old social studies teacher from Spokane Valley, Wash., and he couldn’t be happier about it.

“I’m just tickled,” Robinson said. “My five classes collected 46 pounds of candy. That’s a lot of candy.”

Robinson and his students at East Valley High School came up with the idea to wager a bet over how much candy they could collect for the school’s fall festival after hearing on the morning announcements that a school club was selling pink hair extensions for national breast cancer awareness month.

“One of the kids said, ‘Would you entertain dying your beard pink if we brought in 20 pounds of candy?'” Robinson said. “Then it escalated to my hair, and I finally said, ‘Here’s the deal. I’ll dye both my hair and my beard for one week if you bring in 45 pounds of candy.'”

Last Friday, on the final day of the candy drive, Robinson’s students’ candy collection weighed in at 46 pounds.

On Monday, Robinson, a 24-year military veteran who is retiring this year after 15 years of teaching, showed up at school with both his hair and beard a neon shade of pink.

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