There is no doubt, certain students and their teacher do not just click. A number of reasons can be attributed to this. Some students’ unruly behaviour may be the reason why they get a bad rap from their teachers. A bad relationship may also have resulted because a student thinks his teacher is boring or just too insulting. But what can you do if you think your teacher hates you?

1. Ask ‘Why’: First, ask yourself ‘Why does my teacher hate me?’ Some of the questions below, if answered honestly, will help you figure out why you teacher dislikes you?

  • Do you talk back at your teacher?
  • How early do you submit your homework?
  • If you attend classes, how often and how early do you come to school?
  • Do you distract the class? Do you poke other students or laugh noisily or interrupt people during a discussion in class?
  • How attentive are you in class?

Most students do not get along with their teachers because of their behaviour. Pay attention to how you behave in class and make corrections where necessary.

Next, ask your teacher the same question and listen very well to his/her reasons and put in place corrective measures

2. In class, ask questions: There is nothing wrong in asking questions. Where there may be a wrong is when you repeatedly ask ridiculous questions and questions you already know the answer to. This can be very annoying. A teacher can always figure out when a student puts up acts like this.

3. Show honesty: If you are guilty of any offence, be honest about it, show remorse and apologize. This might be difficult but never cover up wrong doings. Do not watch others get punished for an offence you committed.

4. Help your teacher and respect him/her: Ask your teacher if he/she needs help in the classroom and even outside the school environment. Help could be as small as carrying exercise books. Address your teacher with respect and not derogatorily.

5. Punctuality and Homework: Make it a duty to arrive early to class. Be punctual and do not miss any class. Do your homework and turn them in on time. Participate in class and make meaningful contribution.  

Adhere to the tips given and you’ll get along with your teacher. Admittedly, not all tangled matters have neat endings. You may observe all the tips and it may still seem your teacher is impossible. Maybe your teacher is prejudiced against your religion and culture. In cases like this, it is wise to speak to your parents. Parents have a way of dealing with this kind of issue. They may speak to the teacher or the administrative of the school. Do not remain silent for fear of the unknown. If you do not speak, the case may remain unresolved and will continue to affect your academics and grades.

Understand that you teacher does not hate you. Your teacher only finds you annoying and that is because you have put up some inappropriate attitude. Your teacher does love you and wants to bring out the best in you. Your teacher is like a bridge, he helps you cross from ignorance to understanding but you have to do the walking.