As you may well know, teenagers love to explore. After all that’s teenagehood is all about- testing boundaries! So should teenagers be allowed to take risks? I say most certainly yes! Teenagers’ risk-taking nature is one of the ways they get themselves ready for adulthood. So we cannot afford to deny them the opportunity to explore life independently of adults every now and then. As the saying goes- experience is always the best teacher. When teenagers explore, they learn either from their good experiences or the bad ones. Indeed, risky behaviour among teenagers is part of the natural way of growing up. We’ve all taken risks every now and then. I personally once took a bus ride outside the city to do something I’m sure my parents wouldn’t have ever allowed me to go and do. It turned out a good decision…

But then while it is natural for teenagers to take risks in life, it’s also imperative to be cautious about it. I know, I shouldn’t be taking like this now; right? After all I just mentioned how I went off to attend to something with permission. Yes I did it, but that doesn’t mean it was the wisest decision I ever took. Anything could have happened while I was on the highway. So some care must always be exercised even when being risky. Always bear in mind that it is one thing to push yourself to the limit. But recklessly involving yourself in unnecessarily dangerous situations is never the wisest thing to do. That said, I will now briefly talk about the types of risks teens often involve themselves in- the healthy risks and the unhealthy risks.

Risk-Management Risk-taking

Healthy risks are the acceptable kinds of risks. These types of risk further expose you to real life realities and help you grow. Therefore, whereas they are potentially injurious to you, they are necessary for your development. Healthy risks helps you push your body for success, expand your mind and broaden your perspectives. On the other hand however, unhealthy risks are generally unnecessary and bad for you.  As a matter of fact, they are dangerous and come with many ill effects. Examples of unhealthy risks include but not limited to the following-

  • Alcoholism
  • Illegal drugs and other forms of drug abuse
  • Tobacco use.
  • Hooliganism etc.

In any case, be extremely careful of the sort of risks you expose yourself to. Preferably, healthy risks are welcome. But please and please, shun unhealthy risks because they are simply bad for your wellbeing. Be safe.


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