Hardly is it possible to come across a Nigerian student who has never cheated during examinations. In other words, examination malpractice is such a widespread vice which starts as early as Primary School. We hear stories of parents arranging for their wards to be assisted with their exams. And the unfortunate thing about examination malpractices of all kinds is that once a student cultivates bad habit, said habit will become so difficult to overcome. There are several other reasons why cheating during exam is wrong as you shall see below. And it is my uttermost wish that as you read through, you will have a change of heart and desist from the bad habit; if you are guilty that is. Read on please…

CHEATING DEVALUES EDUCATION: Most students who cheat do so because they want to have good grades. Now there is nothing wrong with having grades, except of course you do not merit such grades. I mean…what’s the essence of having grade “As” in all your subjects when you can’t justify your result? When you cheat and make a very good result but cannot be useful to an employer, you undermine the value of the education you have received; no thanks to your cheating ways. And what’s more…you end up embarrassing yourself and your teachers in the process. This is one major reason why you must shun cheating today.

CHEATING CAUSES STRESS: Those who cheat during exam should know this all too well. When you form the habit of cheating, you inevitably start to worry about the possibility of getting caught. This therefore causes you so much stress, more than the stress you would have had to endure if you had just sad your butt down and studied like a normal student. Therefore, be like a normal student and start studying instead of figuring out how to heat during exams.

CHEATING IS UNFAIR TO OTHERS:  We all know how much it sulks when we play a game by the rule and still lost out just because one douche bag found a way to cheat and win. Now imagine that you cheated during an exam and outperform the students in your class who really burned the proverbial mid-night candle. Not fair!


CHEATING IS UNFAIR TO YOU: Accomplishment feels good and helps build self-esteem and self-confidence.  However, when you cheat, you are basically telling yourself that you do not believe in your own abilities. You might get an A on a test or an assignment, but you’ll know that you really didn’t earn it. Cheating just makes you feel bad about yourself.

CHEATING CAN BECOME A HABIT: As I mentioned above, the moment you start to cheat during exam, it tends towards becoming a habit before you even realized it. And what a bad habit to have! This could literarily ruin your life! Just imagine that you successfully cheat your from Primary school through to Medical School; you will graduate to become a very inept Medical Doctor. Bad!

CHEATING EVENTUALLY LEADS TO FAILURE: By skipping the hard work involved in learning, you will never develop the important traits of persistence, dedication, diligence, and sacrifice. Success takes hard work, and cheating is the easy way out. Eventually, you will find that it is difficult to achieve your goals without these important skills.

CHEATING IS EMBARRASSING:  Your actions define who you are to those around you. When you cheat, you are expressing yourself to others as lazy, incompetent, untrustworthy, selfish, unintelligent, and disrespectful. In addition, many schools are developing tougher stances on cheating. Imagine your embarrassment when you are suspended for cheating or you discover that school personnel informed college admissions officers of your actions.