For the average teen, loosing the virginity is not just a fleeting experience.  Instead, it is an experience that comes with a lot of physical changes, emotional uncertainties and in most times uncomfortable consequences. By the way, by “uncomfortable consequences, I mean the chances of unwanted pregnancies and the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases. But we all know those likely consequences all too well, even though we tend to simply ignore them  a times and just flow with the passion and raging hormones. Anyway, I will be focusing on some of the other physical and emotional changes that occur in your body after you have sex for the first time as a teenager. Mind you, these changes are peculiar to all gender; male and female. So you better take a seat and read with rapt attention because you just might get some useful tips to keep yourself informed. Alright then…let’s proceed.

First of all, there will be Emotional Changes…

As you already know, first time sexual encounters are major events. This is the first time you are getting quite close with somebody else, perhaps too close as a matter of fact. And what is worse… you are doing the deed that you are not supposed to  do unless you are married and finally granted permission from God to have sex! So it does come with conflicting

[aftereffect] emotions. While some may feel loved and happy, others feel sad, disappointed, guilty, ashamed and even worthless. Truth be told, there are possibilities that you could hate your first time sex mate forever just as there are possibilities that you could love them until your  dying day. It all depends on the circumstances [before and after doing the thing], and you had better be prepared to deal with these emotions.

And there are more emotional feelings that could arise! One of such is fear, and it is most peculiar to females.  I am talking about the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Questions will race through your mind, questions such as- will I get pregnant now? What will happen to me if I become pregnant? Will he still love me if I become pregnant? What will I tell my parents if I become pregnant? All of these questions and more result in intense worrying which could take a toll on your health and distract you from your daily activities. So it is important to bear all of these in mind and let it guide you as you make your sexual choices.

And there will be Physical Changes as well…

When it comes to the physical changes that occur after first time sexual experience, it is important to note that they are most pronounced among the female gender. This is why most mothers are able to tell when young girls start eating the  forbidden fruit. First of all, the breasts will become bigger and more pronounced in shape. These changes tend to scream to the world- I am a sex-loving woman now! But asides feeling more feminine, there are downturns to your body too! You may feel fatigued, bloated. And let’s not forget about the slight pain you will definitely feel in the course of the activity. Moreover, a whole world of other changes (too numerous and sensitive to mention) will occur in your vagina. All of these you should better discover on your own when you are ready.

Meanwhile, for the boys, you are not getting off the experience without experiencing some changes too. It’s important to mention that whereas we always talk about girls feeling pain doing to the forceful breaking of the hymen during first time intercourse, some boys too often feel pain when they ejaculate for the first time. Some medical articles I have read indicate that this is due to the fact that semen is passing through the urethra for the first time; a passage hitherto only used to pass out urine. The experience could be quite painful, and the pain has the tendency to last for days, making urination quite difficult!

There are a lot more things I could write on this topic but for the sake of time. I believe this information will go a long way in guiding as you make informed choice as to it pertains to your sexual life. In any case, be safe.