Reading comprehension is defined as the level of understanding of writing.

In literature, reading skills is one of the major aspects which is very important as it is among the four language skills {listening, speaking, reading (subject) and writing)

Reading is very important, since it enables readers to turn writing into meaning and achieve the goals of independence, comprehension and fluency (the ability to speak language vey well).


  Reading is an activity characterized by the translation of symbols or letters into words and sentences that communicates information and means something to the reader. The goal of reading is quite wide, ranging, but essentially, the readers aim to understand the meaning of the written text, evaluate its significance, and use what he or she has read to enhance his or her knowledge, effectiveness or pleasure, and reading skills are specific abilities which enables the reader

  • To read the written form as a meaningful language.
  • To read anything g written with independence, comprehensions and,
  • To mentally interact with the message.

There are basically two kinds of activities involved in reading.

  1. Reading aloud: This is a task undertaken in public (church, mosque e.t.c) hearing, where the reader and listener are both present. This is also called oral reading.
  2. Silent reading: This is another activity involved in reading which is undertaken in private, where a reader think through the meaning of what is read. Silent reading is therefore a dominant key to high academic achievement.

Purpose for reading

Speed reflects ones purpose for reading. Good reading therefore is purposeful. The reader should determine the purpose for reading before embarking on the reading exercise, it is very important because ones purpose for reading determines the suitable reading skill.

Most often, one may read with a view to:

  1. Have know-how of something.
  2. Find the main point or main thought expressed
  3. Select inspirational cites
  4. Select important information or details
  5. Answer specific questions, identify certain information or make a research
  6. Derive pleasure or enhance relaxation and creativity. To be successful reader, one must have a clear and significant view of the purpose of reading and ensure that this purpose guides ones reading skills.

Also when you read, read as if the author were a close personal  friend and were writing to you, know what you are looking for when reading a self help book, that contain practicable principles.

  • Also read for general content
  • Read for particular emphasis
  • Read for the future

Read later to refresh your memory and to rekindle your inspiration

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