Teens! Learn from Thomas Edison’s Efficient Scheduling Method

We all have at most twenty four hours in a day. And most often, we complain about the time not being enough. Indeed, time is never enough; for several reasons. But if you learn how to effectively manage the little time you have on your hands, you might as well be able to make the most of it. As teenagers (and most specifically as students), it is highly imperative that you learn how to manage your time. And that is why I have decided to teach you a few things about Thomas Edison’s efficient time scheduling method.


Now as you may already know, Thomas Edison was and still remains one of the most inventive individuals the world has ever had. He is credited to have invented many good things which continually impacts life positively, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera and the most famous of them all- the practical electric light bulb. During his time on earth, Mr. Edison had the average twenty four hours in a day as you and I do. But then even though that time wasn’t enough for him to accomplish all that he wanted, he devised a way of managing his time. His method is simple and workable. It all depends on you whether you’d be willingly to adopt and adhere to it. Please see below…

Out of the twenty four hours you have in a day, use eight hours for sleep, eight hours for your vocation, four hours for recreation, family and health, two hours for study and preparation and then two hours for extra service for the benefits of others; without pay. And there you have it- twenty four hours very well spent! Now before you start wondering whether two hours isn’t too small for studying in a day, the answer is no it isn’t! If you study every day for two hours at least, you would be so learned it would be amazing!

Just try it!



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