The entrepreneur who has launched his FOURTH business. Guess what! – He’s just 18!


At 18 most people have only just started to think seriously about plans for their future.

But one youngster, Timothy Armoo, already has three businesses under his belt – and has now launched a fourth, which he hopes to make a success before next year, when he plans to take up a place at Warwickshire University.

But the teen doesn’t just have pound signs in his mind’s eye – Timothy’s latest venture, Doodlar, combines philanthropy and business nous to raise money for charity via a crowdfunding platform.

New company: Timothy Armoo sells t-shirts and splits the revenue with a good lead.

He explains: ‘I was seriously intrigued in the operation finished by companies like Innocent Beverages and TOMS [which offers a proportion of its shoe revenue to charity], and was eager to use technologies and business enterprise to do excellent.’

Timothy hopes those that don’t want to expend funds will even now share details about the charity of the minute working with social media applications on his web-site – which also has the twin gain of boosting recognition for his business.

Timothy is far from new to the world of enterprise – he launched his first business four years ago at the age of just 14.

He explains: ‘My friend made a bet with me that I would not see £500 before I turned 18. Suffice to say I took up this bet and started a tutoring agency, which grew to 65 people in seven weeks – and won the bet.

‘After that I then helped out with a friend’s project – an events management company. We used an outsourcing model whereby we sourced contracts and then found the right people to do the job. It wasn’t really for me so I left that business because I wanted to do something more interesting.’

Timothy’s third company was a youth business magazine called EntrepreneurXpress, which he ended up selling to fund Doodlar.

But he admits it has not all been plain sailing: ‘The magazine was doing well online. However, cardinal sin, we did not focus that much on the business side of things for the offline publication. With us still being in school there was no way we could pull in enough ad revenue to make it sustainable. I am very public about my failure in this regard because it is a good lesson to learn.

‘After that I focused on the online version and was then able to sell it to a larger start-up platform.’


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