The gadget that improves POSTURE: This Belt vibrates every time a wearer slouches

Many people promise themselves they will stop slouching but then get caught up in their day and forget all about it.

Now, a team of American inventors have created a gadget which could put an end to this problem.

LUMOback, which is produced by LUMO BodyTech scientists from Stanford, monitors people’s posture and encourages them to improve it throughout the day.

The device compromises a belt, which contains a sensor, which is worn around the waist with the sensor resting on the small of the back.

It monitors the wearer’s posture and activity throughout the day and gently vibrates when they slouch.

It can tell the user how much time they spend sitting up straight compared to slouching, how much time they spend sitting down, how many times each day they stand up and how much distance they cover when walking.

It can also tell them how much time they spend sleeping on their back, front and side and estimates sleep quality.

It also measures the number of calories they burn during the day.

The device can be synced with an iOS device and a free app also allows the user to track improvements in their posture and activity levels over time.

The sensor can be worn for six days before it needs charging.

It is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPad. It is also compatible with Android 4.3 and above on Nexus 4 and 5, HTC One, Samsung S3 and S4 and Motorola G.

It costs about £90 (N23505) and can be purchased from the LUMO BodyTech website.

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