The attitude being the makeup of every man impacts the daily outcome of our lives whether as an adult or a child. It is simply the viewpoint of an individual about a given situation and how one reacts to negativity.

A student’s attitude towards learning goes a long way in determining his/her academic accomplishments. The attitude of a student can either boost his/her academic accomplishments or tear them apart.

Research has proven that no student has the same attitude towards learning, and this is okay. However, a negative attitude can decline a student’s motivation, limit their interest in learning, and hinder their academic progress.

It takes the right attitude to be at the top of the class. Will you ever encounter difficulties? Definitely, yes! And the moment you begin to accept challenges as a student, the earlier you accept positivity which helps to spur your overall academic performance.

Several factors are responsible for the different attitudes displayed by students;

1. Family

The type of family a student comes from affects his/her attitude towards learning. A student from a dysfunctional home will find it difficult to relate with other kids when he starts schooling. Such a student will have problems expressing themselves and if not promptly handled may trigger a mindset of negativity in their lives. Generally, a child’s upbringing and the environment play a major role in the child’s attitude.

2. Association

A wise man once said that you make up a fraction of the kind of association you keep. To develop the right attitude, it’s important to prioritize your association.

3. Choice of Visual Aids

What we see often has a way of affecting our belief system. Refrain from seeing things that will negatively impact our attitude.


Steps to Developing and Sustaining a positive attitude as a student


1. Acknowledge you have a negative attitude towards learning. It is until you accept failure then you can make things right.

2. Identify those ahead of you with a positive attitude and make friends with them.

3. Frequently speaking soothing and reassuring words to yourself or about a subject that you are struggling with.

4. Identify accountability partners/teammates that can help you develop the right attitude.

5. Engaging more in the activities that you enjoy doing, spending more time with the subject you love, will make the subject more enjoyable.

The right attitude puts you in a better position to discover, develop and maximize your inexhaustible potential.

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