The computer is one of the best innovations that has remarkably changed the course of man positively. Computing has made life easier, the impact of computing is evident in every sphere of life.

Entertainment, business, and the educational sphere have been impacted positively by computing. Computing has been very instrumental in making the world a Global Village (a term used to emphasize the interconnectedness of the whole world through ICT).

In the sphere of education, computing has reduced the amount of time it takes to make calculations. It has also increased our percentage of getting accurate answers to complex calculations and equations within very little time.

Furthermore, the learning and teaching experience doesn’t have to be boring. Computing makes the learning experience desirable, delightful, and engaging.

As you use the computer, you can get questions and answers to previous examinations on the internet and prepare with them.
In addition, computing has made education more flexible. You can go to school online and study at your own pace if you’re already employed. Regardless of your work schedule, you can still get your degree.

The impact of computing is tremendous. However, there is a need to balance things as this same tool can also be a distraction that can be detrimental instead of beneficial to the student.

How do you establish balance?

You do so by setting boundaries and developing a schedule, and it must have a no-screen time in it.

Technology is built to serve us, not enslave us. Do you agree?

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