The INKLESS pen: This Hi-tech stationery uses metal to mark paper and will NEVER run out (Photo)


They are best known for designing some of the world’s most iconic sports cars.

But now artists at Italian car design company Pininfarina have come up with a futuristic ‘writing instrument’ that is a hybrid between a pen and a pencil – with the desirable looks of one of its concept cars.

The 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano writing instrument does not use ink but instead has a tip made of a special metal alloy.

Called ethergraf, the alloy leaves a mark on paper much like the graphite tip of a pencil – only the writing or drawings are indelible.

The instrument claims to be ‘everlasting’ as it does not need sharpening like a pencil and users will not need to invest in expensive pen cartridges.

The 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano is the result of a collaboration between Italian stationery innovator Napkin – which came up with the alloy – and Pininfarina, which is best known for creating iconic designs for Ferrari as well as other car manufacturers.

The pen is handmade by craftsmen in Italy and claims to have the ‘precise stroke like a pencil’ as well as the permanence of a pen.

It combines an aluminium and wood body with the alloy tip and the design is inspired by the Cambiano concept car – a luxury sports saloon with a huge glass roof and plenty of luxurious wood panelling.

There is currently no news of how much it will cost, but it will ‘soon be available on Pininfarina’s website.

A matching notebook will also be sold, which is made of stone paper.

The material is made using stone powder so that it is stronger than traditional paper and is also water resistant. It will also contain original sketches of the Cambiano concept car.

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