The Pathetic State of Our Public Schools: These Photos Will Make You Feel Sorry for Nigeria

Nigeria remains an ‘ever-interesting’ country. All across the nation, the echo of accumulated challenges reverberates at highly resounding decibels, yet no one is paying attention, and when attention is given, it is usually for the wrong reason.

In the opinion of several eloquent writers, the Nigerian government is to be blamed for the deplorable state of the state schools. We often mention the dilapidated buildings, incessant teacher strikes and several other popular excuses that make reading online and newspaper articles quit boring sometimes. But we won’t stop writing about these until our various governments start performing their roles with regards to qualitative education all around the country.

Below are photographs of Community High School located in Nanka, Anambra. It is housed at an estimated distance of 10 kilometers from the home of the Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi in Agulu, Anambra State. It depicts the actual state of education in Anambra State, and indeed everywhere around the country.

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