It is very frustrating to have to chew your pen during examination trying to get an answer out of your brain after studying really hard. But the good news is, you do not really have to stress yourself to that much to get information out of the brain .The brain is a complex organ and the method of input will determine the output, maybe all you need is just a good reading system.

Here is a helpful reading technique that will ensure you always remember the answers. When studying, do the following:

1. Survey
Go over the title, headings, captions under pictures, charts or maps. Review questions teacher made during study guides. Read the introductory and concluding paragraphs and the summary.

2. Question
Try to turn everything into a question. It is especially vital to turn titles into questions, and after every chapter. If you write your questions down, you will be using a modified version of this method called SQW3R which means survey, questions, write, read, recite and review

3. Read
remember to look for answers to the questions you asked at first. Find the meaning of each section or chapter. Reread any additional material like words under pictures or graphs. Slow down your reading pace on hard chapters.

4. Recite
Ask yourself and answer out loud; what was this about? Summarize the material you just read. It is important to do this right after reading the material.

5. Review
For material that needs to be properly learned, remember to go over it all once a day for 7 days. Use notes, flashcards, revisit underlined and bolded material. Ask yourself questions, and summarize everything over again.