This Is What 5 Motivated Students Can Accomplish

 (By Katie Lepi)

The majority of people try to become perfect in their professional fields and careers. We all want to be successful, and we all do what we can. Some of us succeed during our adulthood, but others are so unusual and talented, that they become famous during childhood. These 5 motivated students  know what education means, and how important it is for the future, but they should not worry about getting a diploma, because they’ve already succeeded in different professional fields.

Please, meet top 5 wunderkinds that can easily impress all professors and gurus of their fields.

Taylor Wilson

Taylor has become the youngest man in the world who built a fuzor. You may not know what a fuzor is. We didn’t know as well, but it appeared to be a special device that created a nuclear fusion. When he was 10, Taylor constructed a bomb! His radiation detector has brought him the 1st prize of the Intel International Science Fair. Mr. Wilson is not going to stop here. In February 2013 he took part in the TED conference, where he spoke about his ideas concerning underground fission reactors. His nuclear reactor is able to generate 50 megawatts of power, though it is needed to be refuelled once 30 years only.

Tanishq Mathew Abraham

This genius is the youngest member of MENSA, as he joined it when he was just 4 years old. His result was 99,9% on the Mensa standard IQ test. When Tahishq was 5, he finished 5 math courses of Stanford University in just 6 months! He entered a high school when he was 6, and his average grade point has never been below 4.0. This cute boy also publishes his essays on NASA’s website. What will you say to that, huh? Maybe it’s time to try paper writing as well?

Priyanshi Somani

This Indian girl is a real mental calculator! When she was 11, Priyanshi took part in Mental Calculation World Cup and… (You will not believe it!) She won. 36 competitors from 16 different countries had nothing to do but just give up, when Priyanshi solved the square root of ten 6-digit numbers in just 6,51 minutes. Moreover, this girl has become the only participant in the history of this competition, who didn’t make any mistakes during her calculation. In January 2012, Priyanshi needed only 2,43 minutes to solve a square root of ten 6-digit numbers. This is the world’s new record, by the way.

Jacob Barnett

This young man is a mathematician from America. When he was 3, he had answered the question of the presenter in a planetarium as for why the moons of Mars had such a strange shape. He entered the University of Indiana when she was 10. Working on his dissertation, Jacob promised to disprove Einstein’s Theory of Relativity one day. Now he is working on PhD in Physics.

Cameron Thompson


Cameron is a math genius as well, though he lives in North Wales, not America. When he was 4, he corrected his teacher who claimed a zero being the lowest number. Cameron said that she had forgotten about negative numbers. In the age of 11 he got a math degree in the British Open University, and BBC had featured him as one of the most genius teenagers.

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