If you just decided to take up a career or perhaps upgrade your qualifications or switch to an entirely new profession. Distant learning can help you achieve your goal. Distance learning programs are very advantageous; they save time, save money, and are very flexible. That explains why people are opting for this mode of learning.



TECHNOLOGY LITERACY: You need basic tech skills to help you excel effortlessly. Fortunately, we are in an age where you can get free or paid tech skills from the comfort of your home


SELF MOTIVATION AND DISCIPLINE: Remember, you will have no supervisor as you are not within the four walls of an institution. So, you have to motivate yourself and discipline yourself to stay focused and carry out your assignments and class activities.



1) STAY POSITIVE: You need the right mindset to start this journey, and you also need it to finish the journey. You must have a positive mindset.


2) FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE TECHNOLOGY USED FOR DISTANT LEARNING: Your school may be using tools like Microsoft team, Cisco, zoom Google meet, E.t.c. For learning purposes, you need to have a grasp of how each tool works.


3) STAY UPDATED: Ensure you subscribe to every single newsletter of your school and follow them on all their social media platforms. So you do not miss recent updates.


4) ESTABLISH A SCHEDULE AND FOLLOW-THROUGH: You must have a plan or an outline that you follow to enable you to maintain productivity always.


5) NETWORK: Find other students who you can learn from and study together. A wise man once said that your network determines your net worth. And this also applies to learning too.


6) ASK QUESTIONS:  Questions allow you to understand a subject topic deeply. Cultivate the habit of asking questions when you do not seem to understand a point or topic.


7) MAKE USE OF ONLINE RESOURCES: They are resources available on the internet on any topic of interest. Make effective use of the internet and use it to your advantage.

Which tip would you want us to add to the list? Kindly leave a comment.

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