Tips For Effective Note Taking During Classes


Note taking is a common activity to many students but doing it effectively is a skill that must be learned. To make effective note taking a student must do multi-tasking because during classes, they are required to listen attentively to understand what the teacher is teaching. At the same time, they have to write note to recall what has been discussed.

In taking notes, one must write more for a better recall and to ensure that highlights of the lessons were included in the notes. Write as much as you can and make sure to note the teacher’s ideas. This will help you to capture and to put in good use the note that has been taken down. Using highlighter is recommended to mark the key points.

Most teachers give important message or tips at the first and last part of the lessons. Listen and focus on these stages. Make sure to adjust your attention and write the ideas laid down on each topic.
Observe and identify the phrases used by teachers like “take note that….or the key point is…” these are clear indications that such details are important and can give value on the topic.

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