Tips for Teens: The Truth About Alcohol… And Why You Should Avoid Taking It


Excessive consumption of Alcohol may harm one’s life in several ways. Alcohol can destruct the person’s mental, emotional and physical health. It also affects one’s relationships. Alcohol makes the person addicted as well as directs a person towards a dangerous path.

The risk of several health diseases such as liver and heart disease increases due to the use of alcohol. Alcohol impairs brain function by affecting directly on our central nervous system. With the passage of time, excessive consumption of alcohol may damage brain cells.

Anemia is another biggest disease caused from alcohol. Ulcers, hallucinations, liver cirrhosis, dementia and also death are some common problems occurred as a result of alcohol.

The use of excess alcohol can cause emotional problems such as depression or anxiety.

The person who uses alcohol in excess also may use other drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, or heroin.

It is said that the girls of secondary school who drink more than three times alcohol are involved in attempting suicide than those girls who don’t use alcohol in that grade.

The use of excessive alcohol can cause the development of neurological impairments, chronic diseases and social problems. These includes following:

  • Neurological problems such as stroke, neuropathy and dementia.
  • Cardiovascular problems include cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, hypertension and atrial fibrillation.
  • Psychiatric problems include family problems, lost productivity and unemployment.
  • Cancer of the throat, mouth, liver, esophagus, breast and colon. Generally, when usage of alcohol increases then the danger of cancer also increases.
  • Liver diseases caused by alcohol are alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatitis C.

Alcohol effects on teens’ behaviour such as various people turn more aggressive, which may lead them towards crime. The mental ability of teens becomes weak when they drink alcohol, which leads them to make poor decisions. The person’s senses and perceptions about surroundings and situations become dull and changed because of the usage of Alcohol.

People may risk their lives as well as other people’s life when they drink alcohol while driving. The influence of alcohol makes the People unable to drive with their complete physical as well as mental faculties intact. The damage of motor skills, coordination and judgment occurs due to the usage of alcohol.

People mostly have physical injuries after drinking excessive alcohol. The reduction in mental and coordination alertness may cause swaying, staggering as well as double vision, because of which falling and other injuries may occur. When you lose your consciousness then head injuries as well as serious problems may occur. The person may also lose his consciousness during driving, which may lead him to a death.


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