Some students process information within split seconds. Others take time to process information and produce an answer. As a teacher, you would always come across different students; some of who don’t complete tests on time, and leave multiple questions unanswered on timed exams, and always need a quiet area to study as they are often distracted by background noise.

Teachers and parents need to adapt lesson plans, assignments, tests, chores, and other tasks in a way that helps children with slow processing. These different methods can be beneficial for these types of students and can bring out their true academic potential.

Some ideas you can adopt as a teacher to help students who have slow processing speed when teaching include:

-Periodically checking on them to ensure they understand the instruction given in the class.

-Reducing the number of assignments they have to complete (from 10 to 4)

-Recording the lesson if need be for the student, so he/she can go through them again.

-Providing the child with additional time on examination, timed tests class assignments.

-Encouraging the child to answer questions in class, and providing additional time for them to respond

-Using pictures, graphs to explain further the materials taught in class.

-Speaking slow enough for them to grasp what is being mentioned.

-Breaking up assignments into smaller tasks that are manageable by them.

– Extending deadlines for the child to complete homework assignments.

– Providing quiet space for the child to take exams so they can process test questions and avoid background noise that may distract or slow them down.

Students with slow processing speed are not dummies, sometimes they are more accurate and thorough in their work.

Adopt one or more of the tips mentioned and help them realize their academic potential.

Have you interacted with a student with a slow processing speed before?

As a teacher, how is this post going to improve your relationship with students struggling with slow processing speed?

Please let us know in the comment below.

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