School is back in session, and with it comes a whole new set of worries. You’ve got a lot to do, classes to prepare for, and a million other things on your mind. How are you supposed to deal?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Don’t be! That’s why we’re here to help. Check out our some tips for easing back-to-school anxiety:

Make a checklist

Make a checklist of everything that needs to get done, and check it off as you go. When you see how much you’ve accomplished, you’ll feel great!

Stay organized

Stay organized by using a planner or calendar. You can also make use of Google Calendar to sync up with your friends and keep track of assignments together.

Study in groups!

Study in groups! It’ll be fun, plus if someone doesn’t understand something, the rest of the group will pick up the slack.


Studies show that exercising can reduce stress and give you more energy, meaning you’ll have enough brainpower to focus on your studies later on. Also, who doesn’t want a hot body?

Play Games

Games are a great way to relieve anxiety; playing games with friends makes you feel relaxed and, most importantly, forget about the stress of returning to school.

What type of games can you play?

Spelling bee
Puzzles and other games.

Finally, leave some time for yourself away from all this schoolwork madness! If things are feeling overwhelming, take some time to relax or spend time with friends

We hope that these tips ease your transition into the new term. Remember, it’s never too late to try something new give yourself some time and space to explore, take advantage of the new opportunities available to you and enjoy your time back at school!