Tips To Prevent Brain Fade


Ever heard of the term brain fade? This happens when your mind suddenly thinks blank or black and that you totally forget what you have just studied.

Brain fade is very common to people and does not only experienced by students because as we input new knowledge to our brain, it tends to put the new ones on top of the previous info. And as you place more information on top, the first info becomes older and less available to your immediate recall because your brain has set aside it.

Though brain fade is just normal, we can do something to avoid it or lessen the chance of experiencing it. The technique is to review the past details of your lesson as you progress to new ones. For example, if you need to study three chapters, you should review or pass again the important part of the first chapter when you done studying the second chapter. Then after reading the third chapter, go back again to the second and then first chapter to retain all the significant terms.

Remember that you don’t need to read all the chapters again, all you need to do is a quick review and focus only on the terms or concepts that are important. By doing this, you are assured that you retained on your mind all the necessary information that you need.

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