Tools that can be used to create a Digital Story Book

Book Creator for ipad

Reading Now – Tools that can be used to create a Digital Story Book

Tools that can be used to create a Digital Story Book

In schools today, using storybooks as a teaching method improves the connections made with students. The use of stories is one of the most important social learning exercises that will focus on a wide assortment of proficiency aptitudes.

There are huge amounts of story creator applications out there that students can use to create and share their own stories. These are applications that will enable your students with a set-up of innovative and creative tools to facilitate the release of the creative quality within them. Here are some applications that we think would help you, check them out.

1. Book Creator for iPad

Book Creator for ipad
Photo Credit: Book Creator

This application allows for the use of a variety of Fonts. The “Add text” button allows one to choose from over 50 fonts. The application also allows photos and images directly to be uploaded directly from the iPad’s photo library, from the web, or directly using the iPad’s camera.

Some other features are

  • Resize, rotate and position content as you like with guidelines and snap positioning
  • Add video and music, and even record your voice
  • Use the pen tool to draw and annotate your book
  • Choose from portrait, landscape, or square book sizes

2. My Story Book Maker


My School App
Photo Credit: My School App

Some of the features provided by My Story Book Maker include:

  • “Create and share storybooks in movie and ebook format by adding drawings, photos, and stickers.
  • Record a voice on every page
  • Share your storybooks to the web, and on all social media platforms.


3.  Scribble Press – Creative Book Maker for Kids

Scribble Creative Book Maker
Photo Credit: Scribble Creative Book Maker

Scribble Press is a creativity platform for children to imagine, write, illustrate, and share their own stories. Some of the key features include:

  • Video export
  • Audio recording,
  • 300 new drawing tools, backgrounds, and stickers to inspire creativity
  • 30 fill-in-the-blank story starters ranging from the silly to the sublime.

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