Most people know about the fastest animals in the world and are entirely fascinated by them. In this post, however, I bring to you the top 10 slowest animals in the world.

1. Toed sloths
Toed sloths are species found in America and they can move with a maximum speed of 0.003 miles per hour.

2. Garden snails
Garden Snail
Garden snails are also known as land snails and they can only move few yards in an hour. They hibernate for years and make very less movements

3. Star Fish
Star Fish
This is a star shaped animal living in the ocean and is slow up to 0.02 miles per hour. It has no blood and brain and can be cut down into pieces.

4. Loris
These are sweet looking animals with human-like hands and body which moves very slow. Speed of Loris is up to 2km per hour.

5. Banana Slug
Banana Slug
This is a jelly like crawling animal with no shell at all. They can move 0.2 miles in an hour and they live in moist condition.

6. Koala Bears
They are among the categories of beer and to be included in slowest animal in the world. They spend most time on trees and move slowly due to bad eye sight

7. Sea horse
Sea Horse
Did you know about this? Speed of Sea horse is .5 miles per hour and this is due to its unique body structure.

8. Nematodes
Nematodes feed on bacteria and they are too slow to move and find a food for themselves.

9. Gila monsters
Gila monsters
Gila monsters are among the most venomous lizards in US. They make the least body moments.

10. Manatee
Manatee or the sea cows are herbivorous marine animal which are just seen floating above the sea water.

Think you know of any other animal that’s slower than the ones mentioned above, tell us in the comment section… and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.