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Top 5 Games Every Teenager Must Play  

Number 5 – God of War 2 – It is an epic game I played back in 2011 on my PS2. It took me 2 weeks to finish this awesome game, Full of action and revenge! After I heard my class mates talking about it in school I went right back to my home and called my friend to purchase this game, since then I tried everything I could to complete this game to show off with my friends but this game was so damn hard, almost unbeatable for an immature like me, later I asked my friends how did they complete the game, they said ” Just change the difficulty level” … (I was playing this game in the max difficulty level before..). This game deserves to be in my top 5 as it’s a very popular and fun game to play + it’s close to my child hood.

Number 4 – Contra –  it’s One of the oldest games I’ve played in my life, Back in 2005-07 I had a small video game player console which had an area where we had to insert case of games to play it. I used to play this game with my cousin when we had nothing else to do. Multiplayer made it even much more fun to play with, whenever I used to arrive home; my cousin was always waiting for me to set up the VG console. We were always excited to play this epic game, after all old is gold. This game is a very fun game to play and specially with multiplayer.. The gameplay experience becomes even more intense! Destroying all those bosses with my beloved cosine, sweet memories … you can find more about the game here – Contra (video game)

Number 3 – Nintendo World Cup (Soccer) – Forget soccer rules here; Just beat those who come in your way to the goal! One of the games I can never forget, this game has a really cool way of scoring goals, unlike real soccer (full of rules and team work) here we had the ability to super kick and beat up anyone who comes in your way! With many epic special abilities and ways to beat up your opponent team this game deserves to be in my list + it has made many people’s childhood a very special one.

Number 2 – Jak 2 – When my friend gifted me with a PS2, he bought few games with it and one of them was Jak 2. This game is something special, the story of this game is pretty cool, and it’s the mixture of every game played by kids those days. I use to get stuck in this game at some point, It had no difficulty level selector so basically it’s all up to your skills to complete this game till the very end, It took me weeks to just beat up a single boss… It was really annoying to fail again and again in a single level, no matter how hard you’d try – it has to be perfect in order to complete a single  mission… this game  challenged me all through my child hood ! It drives me nut to even think of that game because I have not completed it yet lol…

Number 1 – Assassins creed (1,2,3,4) – I have played each of its games since I played its first release. The story line is what which got me into this game, full of adventure and mysteries of theory… How will you feel if you get a chance to control your ancestors? This is what this game is all about. It starts all the way from monarchy times (Assassins creed 1) till the very end (Assassins creed united). Just try this game for a whole new level of adventure and fun! Once you’ve played the first part, it impossible for one not to play further and explore the mystery & excitement which you get in the end of the first part! The gameplay is excellent which brings you to feel as if you’re the assassin.


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