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Class Notes for JSS1 to SSS3 with Assessments | Past Questions of JSCE, WAEC, NECO & JAMB Forums JSS1 How Does Artvigil 150 Shift a Work Sleep Disorders?

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      For the treatment of excessive drowsiness brought on by shift work disorder, physicians prescribe Artvigil 150. Sleepiness during scheduled awake hours and trouble falling or keeping asleep during scheduled sleeping hours are symptoms of shift work disorder, which affects persons who work nights or rotating shifts. A few naturally occurring chemicals are altered in the brain region responsible for regulating alertness and sleep in order for Artvigil 150 to function. Before beginning a work shift, it is often taken once a day, an hour beforehand. As per a study, shift work disorder sufferers’ driving simulator performance can be enhanced by taking Artvigil 150 early in the night shift. Plus, it can sharpen one’s mind. Just since Artvigil 150 may reduce drowsiness does not mean that the sleep issue will be cured. Sleeping well is still important, and this shouldn’t be substituted for getting enough sleep.

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