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      Writing an ethical dilemma argumentative paper can be daunting, especially when you have to choose the right topic. If you are struggling to pick a topic for your essay, this article will provide you with some great examples. An ethical dilemma argumentative paper can be based on a variety of topics. It could be about a moral decision, a controversial issue, or a social problem. For example, you could write about the death penalty, abortion, or gun control. An ethical dilemma argumentative paper could also focus on a specific profession, such as medical ethics or legal ethics.

      When choosing a topic for your ethical dilemma argumentative paper, it’s important to consider the issue from all sides. You should think about the implications of the dilemma and the consequences of each potential solution. It’s also important to consider your own beliefs and values when selecting a topic. This will help you create an argument that is persuasive and engaging.

      One example of an ethical dilemma argumentative paper topic is animal testing. This is a controversial issue that has been debated for years. You could write about the ethical implications of animal testing, the potential benefits of the practice, and how it affects society. Another example of an ethical dilemma argumentative paper topic is the legalization of marijuana. This is an issue that has recently been gaining more attention due to its potential medical benefits. You could write about the legal arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana and its implications for society.

      A third example of an ethical dilemma argumentative paper topic is cloning. This is a complex and controversial issue that has both ethical and scientific implications. You could write about the potential benefits and risks of cloning, as well as the ethical considerations that come with it.

      Finally, an ethical dilemma argumentative paper could focus on the issue of racism. This is a difficult but important issue that has been the subject of much debate in recent years. You could write about the history of racism in the United States, its effects on society, and the steps that can be taken to combat racism.

      These are just a few examples of potential ethical dilemma argumentative paper topics. No matter which topic you choose, it’s important to make sure that your argument is well-informed and supported by evidence. This will help ensure that your essay is both persuasive and effective.

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