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      It is not an exaggeration to think that communication is the factor that has to influence and also negatively affects all our daily activities. And of course, English communication too. If you have a rich vocabulary, it will help you develop and perfect other skills more effectively foodle.

      + You have a lot of vocabulary, you can understand the content more easily even if your grammar is not too strong. And when you understand correctly, understand quickly, you can reflexively answer back. The process of listening, understanding and speaking will thus become more and more proficient and fluent.

      + Fluency in reading and writing will help improve reading comprehension skills more positively. Especially when you no longer have to wonder if you spelled it correctly? Or do I use the right word in the context? Is the meaning of the word complete? Gradually, thanks to that, the use will become more natural reflex.

      With this information, we must already know why not be subjective when looking for an effective way to learn English vocabulary, right? Very simple, because learning not only helps you communicate well, but at the same time all other skills of English will also be greatly improved.

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      James Franko

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