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      Nwoke Emmanuel

      Nowadays in our society, more and more business organisation are form or established and as more firms are established more accountants are required everyday to show the profit analysis of the firm.
      Who is an accountant and what does he do?
      An accountant performs so many functions in an organization, the statements he prepares affect the decision making process of the firm
      Having analysed all these, Accounting may be defined as being concerned with the recording, classifying, summarizing and communicating financial information to interested parties and interpreting to help make specific business decisions.
      Therefore an accountant is a person that records all the financial dealings and transactions of a firm,posting them to the appropriate books in order to determine the profit of the firm and help make specific business decisions.
      Nonetheless, there are fraudulent people in our society today, therefore a good accountant must possess the following qualities
      1. Honest: A good accountant must be honest and just in all his doings knowing fully well that what he’s doing affects the firm.
      2. Transparency: Another attribute of a good accountant is transparency. He must be transparent in all his doings. His financial statement must show the true position of the business.
      3. Trustworthy: This is the first every entrepreneur who wants to be successful should look for in an accountant. He must be a man of intergrity. An accountant should be trustworthy and should not put bogus figures in place of funds embezzled.

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      Alan Holden

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      lucas wyatt

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