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      prince promise

      Reading through many acticles on this real and serious topic of masturbation… I was let say surprise that it is said that masturbation is healthy for the body…. Now looking at this topic from a real life point of view…. When an individual masturbate the question that remain unanswered is that does this person feel cool after the deed has been done… . Many response of many individual who involve in masturbation is that after the whole action that last a mintues or so they feel guity… But why do they continue in this act…. Hmm pretty simple answer it called addicton…. Why do some doctors smoke when they kwn the health harzd… It Because they are addicted to the stick… . So whatever you do that deep down in you… It obvious it not cool keep off

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      Tony Ali

      Well said. I totally agree with you.

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      John Gio

      Well, it has to do with the degradation in morality. Too much porn. Too much skimpy clothes are worn by women.

      Reminds me of this video on YouTube titled: ” The Great Porn Experiment”

      Most young guys too are emasculated… They don’t have the will power to stop the habit.

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      Tony Ali

      Like every other addiction, it takes self-consciousness, determination and prayer to overcome masturbation

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      As someone who has researched the effects of masturbation on men’s health, it is critical to understand the balance between sexual activity and overall well-being. Although there is debate on the topic, many experts suggest that the frequency of healthy ejaculation varies for each individual and depends on factors such as age, health, and personal preference. Consulting with a healthcare professional can provide personalized advice. When considering sexual habits, it is important to prioritize overall physical and mental health to understand how often should male ejaculate. For comprehensive information and advice on men’s health, I recommend exploring the resources available on [website] for evidence-based information.

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