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      Reading English books and watching videos regularly is considered an effective and stress-free method of learning. But you also need to pay attention to how to learn from these two channels, otherwise the results are not worth much. And practise in word wipe every day.
      + Do not rush to follow advice: read any book, watch any genre that you like. Believe me, you will see it as a mistake unless your level of English is already good enough.
      + Start with simple, familiar topics instead of voluminous, specialized information.
      + Do not use the dictionary to look up every time you encounter a new word. Continuous searching will interrupt thinking, making the ability to receive information more limited. You can mark the word you do not understand, or rely on related words in the sentence, in the context to guess the idea. After watching it, you can check it out once.

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      To improve language skills, it’s important to regularly read books and practice with word games like Word Wipe. Additionally, incorporating online reading from various sources such as copypasta texts can also be beneficial.

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