Tradition Rules: Mikel Obi Should Come Home To Pick A Wife – Says His Brother



Mikel Obi’s elder brother, Ebele in a recent interview speaks about brither’s social and love life:

“As a footballer and as a popular figure, one must learn to cope with every situation that comes his way. Concerning my social life, I’m currently into a relationship and I don’t want to be distracted. I want to be focused and keep on praying that everything works out fine so that I can settle down with the same person I’m into a relation with.

“I’m not carried away with my brother’s wealth. No doubt girls come around me but I remain focused on my career. Mikel too is into a relationship at the moment right there in the United Kingdom. When you stick to one person at a time, I think it saves you a lot of trouble. But when you jump from one today to another tomorrow, you create room for every other girl to come in. We are not on that track at all.”

Mikel won’t marry a white lady

“No, no, no! We cannot advise Mikel to marry a foreigner knowing full well what it involves. We’ll make him realize that if he gets married to a foreigner, whatever comes out of the marriage, he should be prepared to take it. I wouldn’t want my brother to be a victim of a failed marriage.

“Even when I visited him in London, I warned him about white ladies. I told him that even if he’s having a relationship with a white lady, it should stop at that; he should not allow such relationship to end up in marriage. I told him whenever he wants to settle down in marriage, he should come down to Nigeria and pick a wife. If he’s thinking towards the direction of getting married to a white lady, we are not in support of that. My parents are not in support of him getting married to a white. If he’s in a relationship, that’s just a relationship.”


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